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Let’s face it, breakfast is the best meal of the day. Between overnight oats, fruit-filled smoothie bowls, protein pancakes, and avocado toast — what’s not to love? With so many delicious breakfast foods to choose from, it can be hard to narrow it down to one recipe. With that being said, life is busy and time isn’t always on our side. Sometimes we need quick, healthy meals or snacks (hello, Level bars!) to fuel our day in a healthy way. 

But, what if there was a way to have a variety of healthy breakfast options that were both quick and delicious?

Enter: easy charcuterie boards - breakfast style. Meet the needs of everyone with a quick and healthy breakfast board filled with a variety of foods for everyone to enjoy. Of course, we’re curating a high protein charcuterie board with the addition of Level Foods protein bars - basically dessert for breakfast, if you ask us. Imagine bites of healthy protein-packed Salted Brownie, Oat Cookie, Apple Crisp, and Banana Bread alongside all the breakfast classics. Yum.

Now that we’ve made you hungry, find out how to build a breakfast charcuterie board yourself! Continue reading for Level’s charcuterie board shopping list, charcuterie board DIY step-by-step instructions, and of course, the recipe for our healthy charcuterie board!

How to Build a Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Let’s start with the basics: how to make a breakfast charcuterie board

Step one: Pick a theme

We’re making a Level-inspired breakfast charcuterie board, but there are so many charcuterie board themes to choose from:

  • Get creative for any holiday and make a Valentine's day breakfast charcuterie board or Christmas breakfast charcuterie board
  • Make a DIY charcuterie board for any dietary need or preference (think: vegan charcuterie board, paleo charcuterie board, or low-calorie charcuterie board)
  • In the mood to graze on an assortment of nutrient-dense snacks? Make a healthy charcuterie board for one
  • Create a brunch or lunch charcuterie board

Step Two: Choose a Main Dish or Ingredient

Start by filling your charcuterie board with the star ingredient. Of course, Level protein bars are our breakfast superstar! 

Step Three: Fill Your Platter with Fresh Fruit 

Add an assortment of fruits different in colors, texture, and size. If possible, seasonal and organic fruit is best!

Step Four: Add Spreads or Dips

Add spreads or dips to small bowls or serving dishes and place them around your charcuterie board. Bowls of chia pudding, creamy nut butter, chia jam, honey, or dairy-free yogurt — the possibilities are endless.

Step Five: Add Lean Protein or Meat 

If you’re making a healthy charcuterie board for two or more, you may want to add some extra protein to your plate. Hard-boiled eggs, breakfast sausage, or vegan alternatives are beloved breakfast classics!

Step Six: Fill In Any Gaps

Note: This step is optional!  

Have extra space on your plate? Fill in any gaps with nuts, seeds, or breakfast add-ins like toast or granola.

Level’s Breakfast Charcuterie Board Shopping List

  • Charcuterie board breakfast meats and lean protein sources: such as eggs, bacon, and breakfast sausage
  • Breakfast-style spreads, sauces, and dips: such as Greek yogurt (or a non-dairy alternative), almond butter (or nut butter of choice), non-dairy cream cheese, and raw honey or pure maple syrup
  • An assortment of Level Foods Protein Bars: build a box here with all your favorite flavors!
  • Produce: bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, oranges, grapes, and avocado
  • Nuts and seeds: such as walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and hemp seeds
  • Optional Breakfast add-ins: granola, dairy or non-dairy milk, toast or crackers, meal-prepped breakfast foods (such as waffles, egg muffins, or chia pudding)

Level’s Healthy Breakfast Charcuterie Board

Serves: 2-4 people 


  • Level Protein Bars (we’re using two of our favorite flavors – Apple Crisp & Oat Cookie!)
  • Assortment of fresh fruit of choice (we’re using berries, grapes, and avocado)
  • 2-4 hard-boiled eggs, halved
  • Dips or spreads of choice (we’re using dairy-free yogurt and raw honey)
  • Optional: Nuts or seeds of choice
  • Optional: breakfast add-ins such as toast or granola


  • Cut up your Level Protein Bars into bite-sized squares. Place each flavor in a separate area on a large cutting board, platter, or dish. Or leave them in their wrapper until consumed to preserve freshness!
  • Rinse and prepare fruit. Plate as needed. Arrange your fresh fruit around the Level bars, filling up the majority of the platter.
  • Place your dips or spreads of choice into small serving bowls or dishes. Add to platter.
  • Optional: Add any additional protein sources such as hard-boiled eggs or breakfast sausage. We went with these mouth-watering turkey bacon egg bites!
  • Optional: Add any nuts, seeds, or breakfast add-ins such as granola or toast.

Serve and enjoy!

We’d love to hear your breakfast charcuterie board ideas! Leave a comment below and tell us how you’re using Level bars to create your personalized charcuterie board.