How Much Water Do You Need?

Drink your water, eat your veggies. We know the drill. With about 60% of our bodies being made up of water, it’s no surprise that we are constantly reminded to drink more. And, if you need a quick reminder of all of the reasons to refill your glass, here are a few:

  • Aids digestion
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Boosts energy and mood 
  • Protects tissues and joints
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Helps nutrient absorption
  • Fights illnesses
  • Promotes skin and beauty benefits

Shall we go on? Basically, water is what keeps our bodies functioning, that is, if we have enough. So how much water should we be drinking every day to maintain all of these functions? 

Step 1: Take your weight (in pounds) and divide it by 2.2

Step 2: Multiply that number depending on your age

  • x 40 (if you’re younger than 30)
  • x 35 (if you’re between 30-55)
  • x 30 (if you’re older than 55) 

Step 3: Divide that sum by 28.3

Your total is how many ounces of water you should drink each day (or divide by 8 to get that number in cups!) If you don’t feel like doing the math, here is an easy calculator we made for you. Now that you know, find a system that works for you to make sure you are getting enough water. So, refill that cup and drink up!