Everything You Need To Know About Maca: The Natural Supplement For Stamina and Energy

While we appreciate a good cup of joe, our daily energy and stamina levels should not be dependent upon whether or not we have our daily dose of coffee. If you feel like a heavy pour of caffeine is the only way to fill up your energy tank - you’re not alone. Luckily, we have a (caffeine-free) solution!


Say hello to maca root - the all-natural, superfood energy source that will fuel you from the inside out.


What is Maca Root?


Maca, who? Super, what? Ok, let’s rewind - this rockstar nutrient deserves a proper introduction.


Meet maca, the adaptogenic root vegetable that has been known for its healing properties for over 2000 years (dating back to the Inca’s!). Maca root, also known as Lepidium Meyenii or Asian Ginseng, is a plant-based supplement that is derived from the root of the cruciferous vegetable maca and harvested into a supplement. This veggie is most commonly dried and utilized as maca powder, though its other forms are readily available on the health market!


Ok, so we know what maca is, but what is maca good for?


Gaining popularity over the years, maca has been idolized as a health superfood– a term used to describe a food that contains high nutrient density. The nutritional content of maca is just one of many benefits! Yes, the maca benefits for women and men are wide-ranging. This superfood has been shown to support everything from stress levels to hormone function – it’s no wonder this powerful herb is soaking up the supplement spotlight. Let’s discuss the top maca powder benefits.


The Top 4 Maca Health Benefits

#1 May Increase Stamina and Energy

Low energy levels are so 2020. As we enter a new year, we’re bringing fresh energy! Regardless if you’re an athlete, a workout enthusiast, or an average joe trying to maintain an active lifestyle – we all need adequate energy – whether it's to power you through your workout or just get you through the day!


Thanks to maca, we can count on sustainable stamina and energy (no afternoon crash!) that just so happens to be caffeine-free. Maca has been shown to increase athletic performance, endurance, and time to exhaustion (1) – no energy dip or jitters involved! Skip the afternoon latte and grab a maca-filled protein bar for a quick afternoon pick-me-up.


#2 May Boost Libido

Maca is known as an aphrodisiac, and it’s got the science to prove it. One of the shared maca root benefits for women and men may be an increase in sex drive! If you feel like your excitement is dwindling in the bedroom, incorporating this supplement may give your sex life some spice. Maca supplementation has been shown to increase sexual desire (2), supercharging the libido! This may be a worthwhile addition to your nightcap.


#3 Helps to Balance Hormones and Relieve Stress

Maca root is a known adaptogenic supplement (which simply put, is a plant or herb that helps our body “adapt” to stress). During stressful situations, our body’s default defense mechanism is to go into fight or flight mode. This can result in many health-related issues such as chronically elevated stress levels, increased blood pressure, and even hormone imbalance!


Adding adaptogens into our diet (like maca root) can help bring our body back to balance. This may be anything from adapting to external stressors to balancing over or underactive hormone levels!

#4 Helps to Boost Mood

Move aside, chocolate. This superfood may be the newest mood-booster on the market! A pilot study in postmenopausal women reported a decrease in depression and anxiety with the supplementation of maca (3). The mood-boosting benefits may be attributed to the flavonoids (rich antioxidant compounds) found in maca root – a bite of happiness!

Level Up Your Routine With Maca

An easy way to ensure you’re getting all the benefits of this superfood is by taking a daily maca supplement. But of course, there’s not just one maca vitamin on the shelf – so, how do you know which product to choose? Well, as long as you’re opting for a high-quality source (USDA Organic or Non-GMO), it comes down to personal preference.


Are you ready to level up your diet with a daily dosage of maca powder? Here are some easy maca powder uses to add to your everyday routine:

How To Incorporate Maca Into Your Diet


  • If you love creating recipes or having fun in the kitchen, try maca powder! Its sweet, nutty taste blends well in recipes (think: whisked into your morning coffee, blended into your smoothie, or sprinkled into your baked goods!) while providing all the maca root powder benefits.


  • If you’re a busy bee always on the go, you may prefer maca extract or an encapsulated form!


  • Want to enjoy a yummy maca-filled treat without actually having to make it? Grab our Apple Crisp Protein Bar! Maca’s earthy, nutty taste makes it a tasty and delicious way to naturally boost energy levels (which is why you’ll find organic maca powder in our protein bar!). When you’re looking for a steady dose of energy without the crash, grab a bar and head out the door!


Energy Made Easy with Level


The secret to getting all of the notorious maca root benefits may be as simple as biting into a bar. Our soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, Apple Crisp Protein Bar - to be specific.  We think the solution is a no-brainer. No really – no thinking required! When you subscribe to a box of Apple Crisp Level Bars, not only will you save, but you’ll automatically receive a daily dose of your energy and stamina needs packaged up in a delicious, nutritious protein bar, straight to your door. What are you waiting for? Level up!





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